Ripe Puerh Tea

Blood pressure, Gut health

Citrus Ripe Puerh Tea - 20 Serves
Treat your senses to the ultimate tea indulgence with our latest Citrus Ripe Puerh Tea - now with eco-friendly biodegradable bags! This natural elixir is a perfect remedy for both mind and body, imparting a warm and soothing feeling that is both reviving and calming. Carefully crafted with the finest ingredients, this tea boasts a delicious blend of ripe Puerh tea leaves and refreshing citrus notes that create a truly revitalizing taste. And the best part? Our packaging is 100% biodegradable, making it a sustainable choice for both you and the environment. Experience the pure magic of this tea and elevate your tea game to the next level. Order now and let the soothing power of Citrus Ripe Puerh Tea embrace you!
Ripe Puerh - 50g
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Travel to the enchanted land of ancient China with every sip of our Shu Pu, also known as Ripe Puerh. Crafted with care in Yun Nan Province, China, using the ancient technique of "Wo Dui Fa Jiao", our Shu Pu is a true masterpiece, meticulously fermented until it reaches its full flavor potential. This "living" tea is a rare gem, famous for its unparalleled aging qualities, having the ability to age for over 50 years, making it a must-have for any avid tea collector. With minimal processing and continuous natural fermentation, our Shu Pu is rich in body and earthy flavors, with a taste that evolves with every brewing, leaving you spellbound. Unlock the magic of our Shu Pu, and taste for yourself why it's the most sought-after tea around the globe. Order now and experience the divine flavors of our exclusive tea collection!
Ripe Puerh Rare Collection - 50g
Indulge in the rarest tea collection grade that tea enthusiasts swear by! Our Ripe Puerh, also known as Shu Pu, is a rare gem that you simply can't afford to miss. Our tea experts only handpick the freshest and most premium tea leaves from wild and aged tea trees in the beautiful Yun Nan Province in China. Our unique production technique involves the use of the revered “Wo Dui Fa Jiao” method, ensuring that the tea reaches full fermentation, giving it a unique edge. This 'living' tea only gets better with age, and can be enjoyed for over 50 years. Our tea goes through minimal processing to ensure that it retains its natural enzymes and continues to undergo fermentation, giving it an unforgettable earthy and full-bodied flavor. Every brew is a new experience, as this tea is alive and continuously evolving. Get your hands on this rare and exquisite tea...
Ripe Puerh Reserve - 50g
Unleash the magic of ancient Chinese tea with our premium Ripe Puerh - also known as Shu Pu. Our tea is meticulously grown and processed in Yun Nan Province, China, using the traditional method of "Wo Dui Fa Jiao" to achieve full fermentation. This tea is truly 'living' and can age for more than half a century if stored correctly, making it a must-have addition to any tea aficionado's collection. And with minimal processing, our Ripe Puerh is abundant in natural enzymes, evolving into a rich earthy flavor with every sip. The taste of our tea changes each time you brew it, adding to its charm and allure. So, indulge in the beauty of ancient Chinese traditions and relish the sensual experience of our premium Ripe Puerh tea. Order now and savor the magic of each and every sip!
Ripe Puerh Collection - 50g
Experience the pinnacle of tea excellence with our exclusive Ripe Puerh Collection Grade, also known as Shu Pu. Our premium tea leaves are hand-selected from wild and aged tea trees from the lush Yun Nan Province in China, making it a rarity in the world of tea. We use a unique “Wo Dui Fa Jiao” fermentation method that ensures full fermentation, giving the tea its exceptional earthy and full-bodied flavor that gets better with time. This living tea gets better with age, and with minimal processing, our tea retains its natural enzymes and continues to undergo natural fermentation. The result is a rich and exquisite flavor that keeps evolving with every brew. Savor every sip of this exquisite tea and take your taste buds on an unforgettable journey that lasts for over 50 years!