Green Tea

Detoxing, Refreshing

Brown Rice Green Tea - 20 Serves
Experience the delightful fusion of roasted brown rice and fresh green tea leaves, perfectly blended to create an irresistible brew that refreshes your body and mind. Our premium brown rice green tea is packed in a biodegradable pyramid bag that seals in the natural goodness of the tea, giving you a unique and delicious taste in every cup. The perfectly toasted brown rice complements the freshness of the green tea leaves, infusing each sip with a nutty, aromatic flavor and powerful antioxidants that boost your health and well-being. And with the eco-friendly pyramid bag, you can relax and enjoy your tea without worrying about harming the environment. So, take a sip of our tasty and naturally refreshing brown rice green tea, and indulge in the perfect tea drinking experience today!
Dragon Well Reserve - 50g
Experience pure indulgence with our premium Dragon Well, also known as Long Jing! Crafted with mastery and perfection, this extraordinary tea is cultivated in the acres of lush green fields of HangZhou City in Zhe Jiang Province, China. The nutty and floral essence of our Long Jing comes from the intricate pan-roasting process which blends a heavenly infusion of taste and aroma in every cup! Revered as one of the most famous teas in China, our Dragon Well offers a truly mesmerizing and unforgettable tea-drinking experience for any tea lover. Unleash your senses with the harmonious blend of nutty and floral flavors intermixed with the purest green tea leaves. So, treat yourself to the luxurious experience of our premium Dragon Well and bring a piece of ancient Chinese tea culture into your life today!
Yellow Mountain Fuzz Tip Reserve - 50g
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Introducing our highly sought-after Yellow Mountain Fuzz Tip tea, also known as Huang Shan Mao Feng, grown in the picturesque Huang Shan City in An Hui Province, China. Crafted with precision by the legendary Xie Yuda Tea House during the Qing Dynasty's Guang Xu period, this tea boasts a visually stunning appearance with slightly curly leaves, resembling bird's tongue, accentuating the green tea leaves' intricate texture. The tea glimmers with speckles of yellow and silver hairs and golden fish leaves, also known as gold tablets. Infused with floral notes, our highly aromatic tea mesmerizes your senses with its mild and sweet taste and a subtle hint of orchid aroma that lingers on your palate. The tea's name is derived from the peak of Huangshan Mountain, where fresh white hair envelops the sharp bud tip of the freshly picked leaves, making it a truly exceptional tea. Savor every moment of this...
Spring Spiral Reserve - 50g
Unleash the beauty of nature with our premium Spring Spiral! Also known as Bi Luo Chun, this tea is grown in the verdant hills of Su Zhou Province on the picturesque Dong Ting Mountain, and hand-rolled into elegant spiral shapes, much like a graceful snail. Each sip of this extraordinary tea offers a lush and fruity taste, and an enchanting floral aroma, transporting you to a world of sublime indulgence. Uncompromising on quality, our Spring Spiral offers a unique blend of flavors that will leave you mesmerized and yearning for more! Buy a piece of heaven today and indulge in the tranquility of nature's finest offerings.
Dancing Bamboo Reserve - 50g
Stop searching and discover a unique tea experience with our Dancing Bamboo tea! This exquisite green tea is like no other, made of fresh bamboo buds, not tea leaves, for a pure and natural tea-drinking encounter. You'll be thrilled to know this tea contains no caffeine and has natural detoxing properties that energize you with every sip! Be it a hot or cold brew, Dancing Bamboo tea is perfect for any weather, and with a flexible brewing time, you can customize your tea to your taste! This tea is so versatile that you can even mix it with other tea blends for a more pleasant and intriguing tea drinking experience. Sourced straight from the heart of Hao Zhou City in An Hui Province, China, our Dancing Bamboo tea takes you on a journey through Chinese tea culture with one simple sip. Don't miss out on the chance to embrace a...