Green Tea

Green Tea is full of refreshing and cleansing energy. It is also the most unprocessed tea which is gifted by our mother nature.

Brown Rice Green Tea - 20 Serves
A better digestion can lead to much healthier weight loss. A tea with natural green leaves and a bit of brown rice will do the trick without anything too complicated. Enjoy your sip after a meal and relax.
Spring Spiral Reserve - 50g
This is the reserve grade of Spring Spiral which is also known as Bi Luo Chun. It is grown in the Dong Ting Mountain in Su Zhou Province, China. This tea is hand rolled to resemble a snail. Their tightly curled spirals create a sweet yet fruity taste tea with a floral aroma.
Dragon Well Reserve - 50g
This is the reserve grade of Dragon Well which is also known as Long Jing. It is grown in Hang Zhou, Zhe Jiang Province, China. This tea has a unique nutty flavour due to being pan roasted and is one of the most famous tea in China.