Tea Tasting Menu
Each serve can be refilled and shared

Brewed to GO
Hot Brew - $5 per cup
Cold Brew - $5 per cup

Tea Tasting of 2 serves
Standard - $15 
Reserve Grade - $30
Collection Grade - $60
Rare Collection Grade - $120

Tea Ceremony of 4 serves - from $60

Vegan Meals

Seasonal Vegan Dumplings
$15 per serve of 15

Handmade Vegan Dumplings from fresh and seasonal ingredients

Vegan Green Curry
$15 per serve

Vegan soya crispy nugget in a mildly Japanese green curry sauce, served with mushroom, carrot and rice

Vegetarian Meals

Fettuccine in Cream & Mushroom Sauce
$15 per serve

Durum wheat fettuccine ribbon pasta dressed in a creamy mushroom sauce,
finished with peas and parmesan cheese

Creamy Ricotta & Spinach Cannelloni
$15 per serve
Soft durum wheat cannelloni filled with spinach and ricotta topped with parmesan, home-made Napoli and béchamel sauces