Tea Insight

Tea Insight

Step into a world of unparalleled flavor and entrancing aromas at our enchanting tea house! Immerse yourself in the divine experience of savoring the most exquisite and prized gifts from soil, sunshine, water and our meticulous farmers. Sit back and relax, as we prepare your cup of tea to perfection. And the best part? We offer free refills so you can bask in the flavor all day long. You'll be amazed by how many infusions you can get from just a handful of our wholesome tea leaves - perfect for sharing with your cherished friends! Indulge in the mesmerizing scents and health benefits of our range of high-quality teas by booking a session with us today.
Jasmine Tea
Lowering cholesterol level, reducing risk of stroke, relieving headache, releasing internal heat, detoxifying, antioxidation. 

 Jasmine Pearl
Long-lasting fragrance accompanying the fresh and mellow taste.

Jasmine Spring Spiral
Top quality jasmine tea that is aromatic, smooth and mellow.

Green Tea
Anti-inflammation, facilitating detoxification, protecting skin, releasing internal heat, refreshing, antioxidation.

 Long Jing
Top ten most famous Chinese tea. It has a fresh and slightly toasty flavour with hints of chestnut.

 Tai Ping Hou Kui
Large leaf green tea. Orchid fragrance, slightly smoky and rich aftertaste.

Bi Luo Chun
Delicate spiral buds with a freshly floral and fruity taste.

White Tea
Anti-radiation, improving eyesight, enhances liver performance, strengthening immune system, refreshing, antioxidation.

Vintage Shou Mei 2003
A rarely aged plantation tea which is thick, vigorous and slightly sweet in taste.

Vintage Bai Mu Dan  2010
Quality leaves from old tea trees. Very mild and gentle sweetness that lasts over many infusions. 

 Vintage Wild Bai Mu Dan 2008
A blessing from the wild tea trees in the pristine forrest. The taste is rich, floral and slightly medicinal.

Oolong Tea
Weight loss, relieving allergy, refreshing, releasing internal heat, antioxidation.

Tie Guan Yin
Semi-rolled leaves yield a couple of fragrant brews. The tea is renowned for its fresh and sweet-lilac taste.

Da Hong Pao
Roasted oolong with sophisticated flavour that resembles honeysuckle and toasted nuts. Long-lasting and stout.

 High Mountain
Taiwaness quality oolong that offers a lush mouthfeel, lively fragrance.

Milky High Mountain
Creamy hints are incorporated into the high mountain tea, giving a smooth finishing.

Black Tea
Protecting stomach, strengthening bones, improving circulation, antioxidation. 

Golden Tip
The elegant buds yields an amber brew with a gentle yet haunting taste of fruit and honey.

 Jin Jun Mei
Smooth and rich mouthful that delivers a mixture of honey and sweet potato taste.

Lapsang Souchong 
One of the most classic black teas that is baked over pine smoke. Robustly smoky with mellow, floral overtone.

Yunnan Black Tea
Relatively strong in taste, this tea reserves the typical nutty flavour with sweet after taste. 
Chinese Dark Tea Raw Puerh
Cleaning intestines, weight loss, improves digestion, facilitating detoxification, refreshing, releasing internal heat, antioxidation. 

Raw Puerh 2010
Energising drink with astringent and grassy taste.

 Aged Tree Raw Puerh 2014
Grassy, woody, mildly sweet aftertaste more salient in later infusions.

Spring Picked Aged Tree Raw Puerh 2008
The clear tea broth yields some longan fragrance accompanying a pungent, long-lasting sweet aftertaste.

Spring Picked Wild Aged Tree Raw Puerh 1999
Purely handmade following ancient techniques of tea making, the rare leaves delivers not only the famous Yi Wu taste to your palate, but also the revitalising energy to your whole body.

Chinese Dark Tea Ripe Puerh
Neutralising blood pressure, reducing blood fat, improving cardiovascular system, protecting stomach, improving sleeping quality, generating body heat, antioxidation.

Ripe Puerh 2011
Earthy, smooth.

Meng Hai Chun Xiang Ripe Puerh 2011
Richly earthy fragrance with mildly sweet aftertaste.

Aged Tree Ripe Puerh 2013
A soothing broth that is slippery as it enters the mouth. Earthy and sweet. 

Wild Spring Picked Aged Tree Ripe Puerh 2006
The leaves from old arbor trees bring a full-bodied synergy of their living environment. There are several layers of taste resembling clean earth, honey and fungus over different infusions.

Ripe Puerh Tea Essence
Fast-to-serve version of medium and high quality ripe puerh.

Flower Blossom Tea
Detoxifying, calming and antioxidative. Magnificent display of delicate tea leaves and flowers of your choice.

Melting Snow 
White tea, lily and osmanthus.

Honeymoon Lovers
White tea, chrysanthemum and amaranth.

Morning Sun
White tea, jasmine and lily.

Precious Jewel
White tea, jasmine, lily and amaranth.

Guardian Angel
White tea, jasmine and amaranth.

Spirit Bond
White tea and jasmine

Caffeine-Free Herbal Tea

Wild Crab Feet

This particular viscum plant commonly found in the tea producing forrest of Yunnan is renowned for its medicinal effects including relieving rheumatic pains, cough and diarrhoea. It also facilitates weight loss, improves digestion and clears waste in the body.

Kunlun Snow Daisy
Grown in the Tianshan ranges at the west border of China, the tea made with the blossoms is incredibly flavourful. A bonus is the health benefits including reducing blood pressure and blood fat, detoxifying and nourishing the skin.

Bamboo Leaves
A nice substitute for green tea which is fresh and silky in terms of mouth feels. The exclusively rich vegetative silica found in bamboo helps improving skin elasticity and connective tissues in joints. Moreover, the anti-inflammatory property of bamboo alleviates respiratory illness and helps you clean up the body.