Simple Tea

Introducing our new family: All natural loose-leaf tea in biodegradable bags.

Suitable for a sip on the go or a slow appreciation.

Rose Black Gojiberry Tea - 15 Serves
Black Gojiberry is known to be great for anti-ageing. This tea is naturally caffeine free and purple in color. The rich fruity and floral taste will blow your mind!
Brown Rice Green Tea - 20 Serves
Roasted brown rice, fresh green tea leaves, packed in biodegradable pyramid bag - tasty and naturally refreshing.
Ginger Black Tea - 20 Serves
Ginger Black Tea in biodegradable bag - A natural warming source for all cold weathers.
Osmanthus Oolong Tea - 20 Serves
Still looking for a good alternative for coffee? This blend is a healthier yet tastier solution for all day round. Moreover, it comes with mild caffeine and addictive flavour.
Rose White Tea - 10 Serves
Rose pedals, looseleaf white tea, packed in biodegradable pyramid bag - something light, gentle and low caffeine for mind, body and environment.
Citrus Ripe Puerh Tea - 20 Serves
Citrus Ripe Puerh Tea in biodegradable bag - A natural warming and soothing source for mind and body.
Peppermint Lemon Black Tea - 15 Serves
Naturally uplifting! Whenever you need a wake up call or a refresh for your mind, sip this up!