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Yun Nan Black Tea Reserve - 50g
This is a reserve grade of Yun Nan Black Tea which is also known as Dian Hong. It is grown in Yun Nan Province, China and might be the perfect tea for winter. It is a brass orange colour, with a sweet and robust taste yet smoky aftertaste.
Pure Silver Coated Porcelain Tea Cup - Premium Deep Blue Gloss Finish
This tea cup is handcrafted with passion and expertise. The smooth and gloss finish will make you want to hold it in your hands for long. Moreover, this cup is coated with pure silver for even more premium looking.
Pure Silver Coated Porcelain Tea Bowl - Premium Silver Matte Finish
Tea Bowl is also known as Gai Wan. This item is made of premium porcelain and coated with pure silver which is reliable and easier to clean.
Spring Spiral Reserve - 50g
This is the reserve grade of Spring Spiral which is also known as Bi Luo Chun. It is grown in the Dong Ting Mountain in Su Zhou Province, China. This tea is hand rolled to resemble a snail. Their tightly curled spirals create a sweet yet fruity taste tea with a floral aroma.
Dragon Well Reserve - 50g
This is the reserve grade of Dragon Well which is also known as Long Jing. It is grown in Hang Zhou, Zhe Jiang Province, China. This tea has a unique nutty flavour due to being pan roasted and is one of the most famous tea in China.
Jasmine Pearl Reserve - 50g
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This is the reserve grade of Jasmine tea which is from premium tea regions in Fu Jian Province, China. It consists of a perfect blend of green tea leaves and jasmine essences. When you pour a cup of Jasmine Tea enjoy the perfume aromatics and taste the blossoms which are full of helpful antioxidants. More accurately, it should be called Jasmine scented green tea because traditionally it is made by smoking natural jasmine flowers scent into green tea leaves. Each time of the smoking process is called 1 stamp. Thus, the more stamps it has, the higher quality it will be.