New Arrival

Traditional White Porcelain Tea Set with Wooden Tray
This is a full set of premium white porcelain traditional tea set which includes: 1 tea bowl (Gai Wan), 1 pitcher, 6 tea cups, 1 tea strainer, 1 tong, 1 tea towel, 1 wooden tray, 1 protective carry case. The set is delicate and complete.
White Tea Collection - 50g
This is the collection grade of white tea (Jun Shan Silver Needle) which is a liquid form of tranquillising energy. It tastes lightly sweet and floral and will make every moment a meditation. The selection of tea leaves for this specific tea is very strict and rare since it only uses spring picked fresh buds. Jun Shan Silver Needle is one of the very first legendary and limited edition white tea which was famous since Tang Dynasty in China. It is strickly grown and produced in Jun Shan island which is in the middle of Dong Ting Lake from Yue Yang City, Hu Nan Province. The tea leaves look golden and silver green needles. White tea is a lightly processed tea to create a subtle and delicate flavour. Often tea leaves are picked younger or before they open to create the delicate taste.
Premium Glass Pitcher - Double-Glazing 220ml
A simple yet delicate pitcher/ sharing pot is a necessity for proper tea tasting. This item is made from clear and double-glazing glass. It is designed to make it easy to hold in hand.
Gift Card
This is our newly released Gift Card which is ready for all our products and services. Now you can gift it to the ones you care with their own choices.
Stainless Steel Electric Tea Kettle
This kettle is designed with longer spout which is ideal for high accuracy water pouring. This item is full body stainless steel, electric, fast boiling and automatic switch-off. Capacity: 0.8L.
Colour-changing Tea Feature
This Tea Feature is handcrafted with premium porcelain that changes colour while pouring hot water onto it.Tea feature is traditionally used for decoration in tea ceremony and tasting. It brings extra fun and enjoyment for your tea tasting experience.