New Arrival

Yellow Mountain Fuzz Tip Reserve - 50g
This is the reserve grade of Yellow Mountain Fuzz Tip which is also known as Huang Shan Mao Feng. It is grown in Huang Shan City, An Hui Province, China. It was created by Xie Yuda Tea House during the Guang Xu period of Qing Dynasty. The tea leaves are slightly curly in shape, resembling bird's tongue, green with yellow, silver hairs showing, and with golden fish leaves (commonly known as gold tablets). When brewing, it will fog up the top of your cup, soup color is clear, slightly yellow and green, with yellow and green leaves at bottom with vitality. It tastes mellow and sweet with aroma like orchid, and long rhyme at the end. Because the fresh tea leaves have white hair all over the body, sharp bud tip, and fresh leaves picked from the peak of Huangshan Mountain, so the tea is named Huangshan Mao Feng. Enjoy...
Golden Frog Red Clay Tea Feature
This Golden Frog Tea Feature is handcrafted with premium red clay which will have aging and vintage effect after a while.Tea feature is traditionally used for decoration in tea ceremony and tasting. It brings extra fun and enjoyment for your tea tasting experience.
Ru Ci Porcelain Tea Pot - Premium Matte Finish
This tea pot is made of premium Ru Ci porcelain which will slowly show aging and ice-cracking effects during your tea tasting. Delicate, practical and durable. Capacity: 230ml.
Stainless Steel Electric Tea Kettle
This kettle is designed with longer spout which is ideal for high accuracy water pouring. This item is full body stainless steel, electric, fast boiling and automatic switch-off. Capacity: 0.8L.
Porcelain Tea Bowl - Premium Light Green Matte Finish
Tea Bowl is also known as Gai Wan. This item is made of thick porcelain which is reliable and easier to clean. Capacity: 130ml.
Portable Clay Tea Set with Wooden Tray
This is a full set of premium purple clay traditional tea set that will age beautifully during everyday use. The set includes: 1 tea pot, 4 tea cups, 1 tea strainer, 1 tea canister, 1 tong, 1 tea towel, 1 wooden tray, 1 protective carry case. The set is simple, delicate and portable. Tea pot capacity: 160ml.
Gift Card
This is our newly released Gift Card which is ready for all our products and services. Now you can gift it to the ones you care with their own choices.