• Feb 17, 2021
  • by Terry WU

Are you ready to experience the exotic taste and irresistible flavors of the famous Oolong tea? Unlike other teas, Oolong is partially oxidized, featuring beautiful green leaves with red edges, and its taste is simply unbeatable. The freshness of green tea combined with the lovely sweetness and mellowness of black tea will leave you wanting more!

But did you know that Oolong tea's name has a rich history? Legend has it that a tea plantation owner stumbled upon an Oolong (Dark Green Dragon) while inspecting his tea leaves. The sight of the dragon was so shocking that he couldn't return for a few days. However, upon returning, he found that his tea had oxidized under the sun, transforming into a bolder and more delicious flavor. And thus, Oolong tea was born!

But some say that Oolong's name was inspired by the tea's beautiful appearance. After processing the tea leaves in the sun, then frying and roasting them, it adopts a dark green color and stripes resembling the scales of a magnificent dragon. And when steeped in water, the leaves curl and curve to form the perfect dark green shape of the dragon.

Whether you believe in a dragon's tale or simply appreciate the beauty of the tea's shape, the taste of Oolong tea is simply unforgettable. So, ready to try it for yourself? Experience the magic of Oolong tea and get whisked away to a whole new world of flavors and aromas!