Portable Glass Tea Set
Perfect for all flower and blooming teas, ultra compact for travel. Traditional yet portable Glass Tea Set including: 1 tea pot with built-in strainer, 2 cups, 1 tea towel, 1 protective case with zip finish.
Colour-changing Tea Feature
This Tea Feature is handcrafted with premium porcelain that changes colour while pouring hot water onto it.Tea feature is traditionally used for decoration in tea ceremony and tasting. It brings extra fun and enjoyment for your tea tasting experience.
Artisan Porcelain Tea Tray
This artisan porcelain tea tray is made to impress and last. It is made of premium thick porcelain in lotus leaf shape. This piece is designed for delicate, relaxing and neat tea tasting experience.
Porcelain Tea Pot - Premium Matte Finish
This tea pot is made of premium Ru Ci porcelain which will slowly show aging and ice-cracking effects during your tea tasting. The handle is traditional style and made of hardwood. Delicate, practical and durable.