Flower Blossom Tea - Box of 10
Blooming for your joy! Our Flower Blossom tea not only tastes wonderful but is an experience that is Instagrammable. When hot water is poured over the tea, the flower blooms giving an exquisite effect and releasing more flavour. The Blossom teas are a mixture of natural loose-leaf white tea with dried flowers such as jasmine, chrysanthemum, amaranth, Osmanthus and lily.
Smart Tea Flask - Double-Glazing Glass
This tea flask is designed to make you artisan grade proper looseleaf tea wherever and whenever you want it. The machenism is very effective for controlling brewing time. This item is made from double-glazing and hardened clear glass and consists of 3 separate parts: top lid, middle strainer and bottom double-glazing cup.All parts are functioned to be twist open/close and airtight. Capacity: 350ml. Instructions to use:1. Put preferable amount of tea into the middle strainer and twist close it with top lid.2. Fill bottom cup with preferable amount of hot or cold water, them twist close it with middle strainer so now all parts become airtight as one.3. Turn the full bottle upside down to brew your tea for ideal amount of time.4. When your tea is ready, reset the full bottle's position to normal and drain all liquid from strainer to bottom cup.5. Now twist open the bottom cup from...
Emperor Chrysanthemum - Box of 20
Emperor Chrysanthemum is special type of flower tea which is made of fresh and full shape emperor chrysanthemum flower rather than tea leaves. This tea is fully caffeine free. It is a natural soothing, relaxing and detoxing energy which is suitable and enjoyable for everyone at anytime. This tea is suitable for hot or cold brew. Brewing time is also flexible. You can mix it with any other tea of your preference to make it more pleasant and interesting. The origin is Huang Shan City, An Hui Province, China.
Portable Glass Tea Set
Perfect for all flower and blooming teas, ultra compact for travel. Traditional yet portable Glass Tea Set including: 1 tea pot with built-in strainer, 2 cups, 1 tea towel, 1 protective case with zip finish. Capacity: 260ml.
Rose Black Gojiberry Tea - 15 Serves
Black Gojiberry is known to be great for anti-ageing. This tea is naturally caffeine free and purple in color. The rich fruity and floral taste will blow your mind!
Traditional Wooden Tea Tray
This traditional wooden tea tray is made to last. It is made of aged and hardened bamboo. This piece is designed for simple and neat tea tasting and even itself is a mediation. Dimensions: 46cm x 25.5cm x 5.5cm.
Rose White Tea - 10 Serves
Rose pedals, looseleaf white tea, packed in biodegradable pyramid bag - something light, gentle and low caffeine for mind, body and environment.