Artisan Porcelain Tea Tray
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Transform your tea-tasting experience with our unparalleled Artisan Porcelain Tea Tray! Crafted with the highest-quality premium porcelain, this stunning and durable tray boasts an exquisite lotus-leaf shape that will leave you breathless. Immerse yourself in a relaxing and elegant tea-tasting experience with this remarkable piece. Its generous dimensions of 38cm x 33cm x 6.5cm allow you to indulge in a perfectly neat and organized tea service, making it an absolute must-have for any tea enthusiast. Savor every moment and impress your guests with the Artisan Porcelain Tea Tray.
Big Red Robe Reserve - 50g
Discover the hidden treasure of China with our exclusive batch of Big Red Robe tea, also known as the Da Hong Pao. Grown only in the rocky terrain of the Wu Yi Mountains in Fu Jian Province, this rare tea is handpicked from a select few bushes originally, making it one of the most prized teas in premium tea culture. Heavily oxidized to perfection, this tea boasts an impeccable smoky, woody, and floral taste with a long-lasting sweet aftertaste that lingers on the palate. Our reserve grade selection is sourced from the finest premium tea leaves, ensuring a richer and longer-lasting taste that will take you on a journey to the scenic tea gardens of China. Experience a luxurious tea journey like no other - order now and unlock the hidden treasure of the Da Hong Pao!
Brown Rice Green Tea - 20 Serves
Experience the delightful fusion of roasted brown rice and fresh green tea leaves, perfectly blended to create an irresistible brew that refreshes your body and mind. Our premium brown rice green tea is packed in a biodegradable pyramid bag that seals in the natural goodness of the tea, giving you a unique and delicious taste in every cup. The perfectly toasted brown rice complements the freshness of the green tea leaves, infusing each sip with a nutty, aromatic flavor and powerful antioxidants that boost your health and well-being. And with the eco-friendly pyramid bag, you can relax and enjoy your tea without worrying about harming the environment. So, take a sip of our tasty and naturally refreshing brown rice green tea, and indulge in the perfect tea drinking experience today!
Citrus Ripe Puerh Tea - 20 Serves
Treat your senses to the ultimate tea indulgence with our latest Citrus Ripe Puerh Tea - now with eco-friendly biodegradable bags! This natural elixir is a perfect remedy for both mind and body, imparting a warm and soothing feeling that is both reviving and calming. Carefully crafted with the finest ingredients, this tea boasts a delicious blend of ripe Puerh tea leaves and refreshing citrus notes that create a truly revitalizing taste. And the best part? Our packaging is 100% biodegradable, making it a sustainable choice for both you and the environment. Experience the pure magic of this tea and elevate your tea game to the next level. Order now and let the soothing power of Citrus Ripe Puerh Tea embrace you!
Colour-changing Tea Feature
Unleash the magic with our unique hand-crafted porcelain tea feature, which transforms into a stunning kaleidoscope of colors when hot water is poured onto it! This exquisite piece adds the perfect decorative touch to your tea ceremony and tasting, while giving you an immersive sensory experience that infuses your surroundings with extra fun and enjoyment! Crafted with premium quality porcelain, it's a true collector's item that will spice up your tea-drinking experience in incomparable ways. Don't settle for ordinary, elevate your tea rituals, and surprises your senses with our exclusive porcelain tea feature!
Dancing Bamboo Reserve - 50g
Stop searching and discover a unique tea experience with our Dancing Bamboo tea! This exquisite green tea is like no other, made of fresh bamboo buds, not tea leaves, for a pure and natural tea-drinking encounter. You'll be thrilled to know this tea contains no caffeine and has natural detoxing properties that energize you with every sip! Be it a hot or cold brew, Dancing Bamboo tea is perfect for any weather, and with a flexible brewing time, you can customize your tea to your taste! This tea is so versatile that you can even mix it with other tea blends for a more pleasant and intriguing tea drinking experience. Sourced straight from the heart of Hao Zhou City in An Hui Province, China, our Dancing Bamboo tea takes you on a journey through Chinese tea culture with one simple sip. Don't miss out on the chance to embrace a...
Dragon Well Reserve - 50g
Experience pure indulgence with our premium Dragon Well, also known as Long Jing! Crafted with mastery and perfection, this extraordinary tea is cultivated in the acres of lush green fields of HangZhou City in Zhe Jiang Province, China. The nutty and floral essence of our Long Jing comes from the intricate pan-roasting process which blends a heavenly infusion of taste and aroma in every cup! Revered as one of the most famous teas in China, our Dragon Well offers a truly mesmerizing and unforgettable tea-drinking experience for any tea lover. Unleash your senses with the harmonious blend of nutty and floral flavors intermixed with the purest green tea leaves. So, treat yourself to the luxurious experience of our premium Dragon Well and bring a piece of ancient Chinese tea culture into your life today!
Emperor Chrysanthemum - Box of 20
Step into a world of pure relaxation and serenity with Emperor Chrysanthemum - the ultimate flower tea experience that will leave you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated! Unlike traditional teas, this masterpiece is made from fresh and full shape emperor chrysanthemum flowers instead of tea leaves, giving it a unique and invigorating flavor profile that will have you coming back for more. And the best part? It's fully caffeine-free, making it the perfect choice for anyone looking to unwind at any time of day. Whether you prefer it hot or cold, the flexible brewing time and the ability to mix it with other teas of your choice make this a versatile and delightful indulgence. Savor the intoxicating aroma of Emperor Chrysanthemum and embrace the soothing, relaxing, and detoxifying energy it provides. Originating in Huang Shan City, An Hui Province, China, this is a tea that you simply must try. So what...
Flower Blossom Tea - Box of 10
Get ready to be blown away by the ultimate tea experience that's taking Instagram by storm! Our Flower Blossom tea doesn't just taste amazing, it's a work of art that blooms right before your eyes. As the hot water hits the tea, watch as the flower bursts open, creating a mesmerizing display that's just as impressive as it is delicious. Made with a blend of natural loose-leaf white tea and richly scented dried flowers like jasmine, chrysanthemum, amaranth, Osmanthus, and lily, this tea is not only a treat for your taste buds but a feast for your eyes! Don't just drink tea, indulge in a show-stopping experience with every sip.
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Ginger Black Tea - 20 Serves
Say goodbye to the winter blues and embrace the warmth with our invigorating Ginger Black Tea, wrapped in an eco-friendly biodegradable bag. This potent tea blend packs a punch, and will send comforting warmth right down to the core of your soul, thawing you out, and leaving you feeling revitalized and ready to tackle whatever life throws your way. Fashioned from the finest black tea leaves, and spicy ginger, our delicious elixir is a winter warrior, capable of inspiring feelings of joy, happiness, and upliftment, with every sip. You don't have to brave the winter chill alone - our Ginger Black Tea has got your back! So, why wait? Banish the winter blues, and unleash the power of our Ginger Black Tea today!
Golden Brow Collection - 50g
Are you ready to indulge in a luxurious tea experience that's fit for royalty? Our premium Golden Brow black tea, also known as Jin Jun Mei, will transport you straight to the rolling hills of China's Fujian Province. Handpicked from the majestic Wu Yi Mountain range, this collection-grade tea is carefully crafted from only the finest tea leaves, resulting in unparalleled flavor and aroma that is unmatched. With its complex notes of toasty malts, honey-like sweetness and a subtle woody finish, complemented by a zesty citrus orange aftertaste, Golden Brow is a true sensory masterpiece that's destined to become your new tea obsession. Unlike Lapsang Souchong, this tea is non-smoky, providing the perfect balance of rich flavors and delicate aromas that create a truly unique drinking experience. Go ahead, treat yourself to the wonder of Golden Brow - it's like nothing you've ever tasted before! Order now and experience the...