• Jan 07, 2020
  • by Terry WU

It is always pleasant to sipp on some hot and naturally infused water.

Why do we recommend that you start consuming tea and make it a part of your everyday routine? The answer to that is pretty simple.

Tea is nature's gift for better health. Its natural and nourishing nature has a variety of health benefits that are essential to replenishing and detoxing for our body.

Making drinking specific tea part of your daily routine can be extremely beneficial to putting your health first and working within your body needs to ensure it is being kept well looked after and cleansed with only natural goodness.

There are a variety of reasons why we believe tea to be essential to a healthy lifestyle and by ensuring that you will include a couple of sips of specific nutritional and organic teas to your diet, you will see a variety of changes in how your body responds to certain treatment and you can then decide what does and what doesn't work well with you body.

It is important to understand that not all health products or teas will have the same benefits and nutritional value for every person, as everyone is different and everyone responds differently to different health foods and drinks. That is why, we at TEAMOO have developed a variety of all natural teas and blends to work for different needs and contain certain compounds specifically targeting a variety of health concerns and compounds to work to improve overall health and general well-being.

The key to a healthy lifestyle when it comes to food and drink is, consistency and dedication. You have to stick to a certain health plan and diet to see maximum results. The same goes with adding tea into your everyday diet and routine.

Our tea has many health benefits that you mind and body will be thanking you for later on down the track:

The most popular tea blends are: Green, Oolong, Black and White tea.

Here’s what adding tea drinking to your daily routine can do for your body:

  • Teas contain antioxidants: Essential for breaking down bodily nasties and re-generating healthy hormones all throughout. Teas packed with antioxidants are guaranteed to cleanse and revitalise your body and detox unwanted bacteria!

  • Tea has compounds to help with blood pressure: Stressed? DRINK TEA! We think that should be printed on a t-shirt! Stress is one determining factor in most high blood pressure records and tea has the ability to calm the body down and reduce high blood pressure. This is only effective if you work with you tea drinking by relaxing and taking deep breaths to keep your body level and balanced.

  • Tea is detox: Teas like Green tea are packed with loads of detoxing compounds great for helping break down bad fatty acids in the body and cleaning out bacteria. It helps promote better digestion to ensure clean and nourished intestines and promotes better gut health.

  • Tea helps with down-time: Are you struggling to get to sleep? Not feeling relaxed during down-time? Trying out some warm chamomile tea and soothing peppermint blends will assist with feelings of drowsiness and relaxation at down time and bedtime to help you sleep better.


There are a wide range of health benefits to drinking tea, just like any other health plan and process, time and patience is key when it comes to drinking tea! Try drinking tea as part of your daily routine and your body will thank you later.