• Oct 09, 2019
  • by Terry WU

At Teamoo, green tea is a staple product because it can rejuvenate refreshing energy for us all day round. Green tea is grown from the camellia sinensis which produces smaller tea leaves and is quite often found in the mountainous regions of China and Japan. Green tea does not go through the oxidation process that black tea goes through instead it is heated immediately after picking either by pan frying, steaming or roasting. This allows green tea to have a wide palette of flavours from tasting grass-like to sweet and vegetal. 


Here is a guide of all of our green tea products when to drink them and why. 


Simple Tea: Brown Rice Green Tea

Brew at: 80-85°C

When: After meal and 30 minutes before exercising.

Our Brown Rice Green Tea is brewed at 80-85°C and has a unique roasted nut flavour due to it being pan fried with rice. This tea is great for digestion because it is full of polyphenols and antioxidants that increase your metabolic rate which burns fat. The antioxidants also help with anti-inflammatory system in your body to prevent you from feeling sick. We recommend drinking this after meal and half an hour before exercising to help your metabolism burn fat. 


This tea comes in a twenty serves box.

Traditional Tea: Spring Spiral

Brew at: 80-85°C

When: Morning 

Our Spring Spiral Tea may have a range of flavours as it can be brewed cold or hot but it is the booster that everyone needs in their day. We recommend it be brewed between 80-85°C if brewed hot. If brewed cold it should have a more floral and fruity palette compared to a more nutty palette if hot. This is tea contains caffeine as well as many other vitamins that will keep you feeling refreshed all day. This tea has properties that will help with reducing aging processes and skin purification with a healthier looking of you. We recommend brewing this tea for your morning cuppa between 9am and 11am. 

This tea comes in our standard form and our reserved form.


Traditional Tea: Dragon Well 

Brew at: 80-85°C

When: Midday

Our Dragon Well Reserve Tea comes from the Chinese mountainous ranges and is a refreshing green tea. This tea possesses a spring floral palette with hints of nut and a sweet aftertaste designed to make you fall in love with it. It is the perfect detox green tea because of its well-balanced flavour palette and because it is full of polyphenols. Polyphenols are microminerals that can help with weight management, digestion and stimulating the brain. This means that drinking a cup of this refreshing tea not only will help you detox but you will feel more motivated to do your daily activities. We recommend brewing this at 80°C and drinking this during a detox, throughout the day, or after lunch. 


This tea comes in our standard form and our reserved form

Traditional Tea: Swinging Blade 

Brew: 80-85°C

When: Afternoon/ Early Evening

Our Swinging Blade Tea may sound overstimulating, but its sweet floral palette actually can set your mind at ease. This tea is best brewed warm to provide you with its smoky orchid flavour and sweet aftertaste. This tea is known for being stress-relieving and having anti-inflammatory features because it is high in Vitamin B.  Vitamin B helps stimulate serotonin and dopamine receivers which are known to calm you down, make you happier and slow aging processes. We recommend brewing this tea in the morning or afternoon for a refreshed and relaxed mind.


This tea comes in standard form and reserve form.