Smart Tea Flask - Double-Glazing Glass
Attention tea enthusiasts! Our revolutionary tea flask is here to take your tea game to the next level. Experience the convenience of brewing artisan-grade, proper loose leaf tea, anytime, anywhere. Our unique mechanism provides unparalleled control over the brewing time, ensuring that you get the perfect cuppa every time. The tea flask is made with double-glazed, hardened clear glass, and features three separate parts - a top lid, middle strainer, and bottom double-glazed cup. All parts are designed to be twist open/close and airtight, making sure that your tea stays hot and fresh for hours. With a capacity of 350ml, our tea flask is perfect for those on the go, or those who want to enjoy the perfect cup of tea in the comfort of their own home. Say goodbye to mediocre tea and hello to a world of unparalleled taste and convenience with our revolutionary tea flask. Instructions to...
Stainless Steel Electric Tea Kettle
Elevate your tea or coffee game with our sleek and stylish kettle, designed to perfection! Featuring an extended spout for ultimate pouring precision, every tea or coffee will be a masterpiece. The full-body stainless steel construction and electric power makes this kettle the perfect addition to any kitchen, and it boils water in the blink of an eye! Worried about leaving the kettle on for too long? Don't be! Our kettle features automatic shut-off, making it the ultimate safe-and-stylish appliance for your home. Don't settle for less when it comes to your morning brew - get your hands on our elite kettle today and take your hot beverage game to the next level! Capacity: 0.8L.
Portable Glass Tea Set
Introducing the ultimate tea set that merges style, portability and convenience in a single package! Our traditional yet compact Glass Tea Set is perfect for tea-lovers who are always on the go. Made with the finest quality glass, this set includes everything you need to brew and enjoy your favorite teas - a tea pot with built-in strainer, 2 cups, 1 tea towel, and a protective case with a zip finish. Its sleek and portable design takes up minimum space, so you can take it wherever you go - to the office, on a picnic, or on a road trip. The tea pot's built-in strainer ensures that you get a perfect, smooth cup every time, without any hassle. And with a capacity of 260ml, this set is perfect for solo and shared tea sessions. Whether you're a florally-blooming tea fanatic or simply love traditional teas, our Glass Tea Set is...
Premium Glass Pitcher - 240ml
Experience tea tasting like never before with our exclusive Glass Pitcher or Sharing Pot! Designed with your satisfaction in mind, this deluxe tea pot is an absolute must-have for every tea enthusiast. Made from high-quality glass, this pitcher is capable of retaining heat over long periods of time and boosting the aroma and flavour of your teas. The crystal clear surface and light-weight design make it easy and comfortable to hold, ensuring a delightful tea-drinking experience every time. Boasting a generous capacity of 240ml, this pitcher is perfectly designed for both solo indulgence or social gatherings. So why wait? Take control of your tea tasting experience today and add our Glass Pitcher to your collection today!
Traditional Wooden Tea Tray
Elevate your tea ritual to the next level with our exquisite Bamboo Tea Tray! Crafted with aged and hardened bamboo, this tray is designed to provide an unparalleled tea-drinking experience. With ample space to accommodate all your tea essentials, including a teapot, cups, and accessories, our tea tray makes brewing and serving a breeze. Its elegant and stylish design exudes simplicity and sophistication, creating a tranquil ambiance that inspires mindfulness and meditation. Perfect for tea enthusiasts and beginners alike, our Bamboo Tea Tray is a must-have addition to your tea collection. Discover the perfect harmony of functionality and beauty with our Bamboo Tea Tray, and transform your tea practice into a serene and enchanting experience. Order today and see for yourself! Dimensions: 46cm x 25.5cm x 5.5cm.
Ru Ci Porcelain Tea Pot - Premium Matte Finish
Savor the ultimate tea-drinking experience with our luxurious Ru Ci porcelain tea pot! Handcrafted with the highest quality materials, each pot boasts a striking aged and ice-cracking effect that reveals a unique story with every use. With a generous capacity of 230ml, you can enjoy multiple cups of your favorite tea blend without needing to refill. Our tea pot is the perfect blend of delicate aesthetics, practical design, and sturdiness, making it a must-have for any tea lover's collection. Revel in the striking beauty and long-lasting durability of our Ru Ci porcelain tea pot, designed to provide an unforgettable tea experience time and time again. Order now and add a touch of sophistication to your tea ritual today!
Porcelain Tea Bowl - Premium Light Green Matte Finish
Elevate your tea experience to the next level with our luxurious Gai Wan porcelain tea bowl! Carefully crafted with the finest materials, including robust and easy-to-clean porcelain, our tea bowl boasts a generous 130ml capacity, perfect for sipping your favorite blends to your heart's content. The Gai Wan, also known as the "lidded bowl," is traditionally used in Chinese tea ceremonies to enhance the aroma, taste, and visual presentation of tea. Whether you're a tea enthusiast or a beginner, this tea bowl is perfect for anyone looking for an authentic, elevated tea experience. Take the first step towards a tea revolution and get yours today!
Traditional White Porcelain Tea Set with Wooden Tray
Welcome to the world of luxury tea tasting with our exquisite White Porcelain Tea Set! This full set of premium traditional tea accessories includes everything you need to experience the ultimate tea drinking experience - a tea bowl (Gai Wan), 1 pitcher, 6 tea cups, 1 tea strainer, 1 tong, 1 tea towel, 1 wooden tray, and 1 protective carry case. Every piece of this set showcases unparalleled elegance and sophistication, making it a must-have for every discerning tea enthusiast. Made with the finest quality white porcelain with intricate, delicate detailing, this set is designed to provide an authentic tea-drinking experience at its finest. The protective carry case makes it convenient to take your set anywhere you go, and the wooden tray adds a touch of rustic charm. Perfect for impressing guests and indulging yourself, our White Porcelain Tea Set guarantees endless moments of pleasure and relaxation. Order now and...
Colour-changing Tea Feature
Unleash the magic with our unique hand-crafted porcelain tea feature, which transforms into a stunning kaleidoscope of colors when hot water is poured onto it! This exquisite piece adds the perfect decorative touch to your tea ceremony and tasting, while giving you an immersive sensory experience that infuses your surroundings with extra fun and enjoyment! Crafted with premium quality porcelain, it's a true collector's item that will spice up your tea-drinking experience in incomparable ways. Don't settle for ordinary, elevate your tea rituals, and surprises your senses with our exclusive porcelain tea feature!
Handmade Tea Tong
Experience the true essence of traditional tea-tasting with our exquisite Tea Tong! This must-have accessory is perfect for holding small cups and indulging in the delectable aroma and flavor of authentic tea. Our Tea Tong is hand-crafted using the finest quality bamboo that is seasoned and hardened to ensure durability and longevity. Elevate your tea-tasting experience with our exceptional Tea Tong! Get yours today and savor the taste of excellence.
Premium Matte Porcelain Tea Set with Tea Tray
Indulge in the luxurious world of tea-tasting with our magnificent full set of premium matte porcelain tea set! The stunning set includes 1 tea pot, 1 pitcher, 6 tea cups, 1 tea strainer, 1 tea canister, 1 tong, 1 tea towel, 1 porcelain and wooden tray, and 1 protective carry case to keep your precious set safe and secure. The tea pot has a generous capacity of 200ml, perfect for sharing with friends and family. The delicate design of the set promises to elevate any tea-tasting experience, and it's built to last for generations to come! Experience the elegance and sophistication of our premium tea set today.
Ru Ci Porcelain Tea Strainer with Base - Premium Green Matte Finish
Revitalize your tea-drinking experience with our exclusive Ru Ci Porcelain Tea Strainer, crafted with unparalleled passion and dedication. Each strainer is lovingly handcrafted with a smooth and matte finish that features an ice-cracking effect, making it the epitome of premium and classic. Our strainer is perfect for enjoying your favorite loose leaf tea, and it is designed to filter even the tiniest tea leaves while giving you an unmatched aroma and taste. The timeless design of our strainer is made to withstand years of use, making it an ideal addition to your teaware collection. Transform your tea time into an unforgettable experience with our Ru Ci Porcelain Tea Strainer today.